I said you lied although you love,
And I decide I couldn’t have enough.
I’m reaching deep and far beyond,
I couldn’t sleep or dream respond.

You can say sometimes
But I say never
I love the way in which we’re
Keeping together.
Because it’s not enough to try
One only has to die.

Words for you I do amend.
I feel this pain and now transcend
Conflict in plot is there my friend

But we will not become sad in the end

better day
Everyone away…for a holiday
But I’m still stuck here…wishing you were near.

You’re down in that pretty sun…too bad mines a gray one
They say out of sight is out of mind…the truth in that I just can’t find.

You never left me you just went away
But I don’t blame you , you just needed a better day.

It’s no fun just to sit around…try to make a lonely sound
Sometimes I wish I could fly away…to come back another day.

You’re my love and you will be forever…my eyes and a long lost treasure
We’ll never have to be apart…but you got to come home for a start.

but away
Back-chat spreads across your eyes
Without touch from your moving sighs
I can see you across the way
I can feel you close the day

With your thoughts inside the box
That never opens or closes for the turning clocks
Scattered light of sunset dust
You can leave me alone…if you must

But away
But away
But away always seemed so far
Maybe it’s just because that’s where you are
And I still got that urge to visit the past
But I can’t catch up because it’s running too fast
And I know I’ll never be the same
Because we are all just pawns in this game
Which runs us far over the hills
Laughing at our follies and spills
For the night and the winter drop
They can make us run but they can’t make us stop…

But away
But away
But away always seemed so near
maybe it’s just because you’ve always been right here
in the way of a bad day
which I could never conceive that you were made to believe
in the future and the never
which will haunt us all forever
when we’re nothing but dust is when I will start losing my trust in you.

if you ever
I strolled past this face in my mind because I once knew it so well
But now it doesn’t really matter…because I am wishing you hell
Your eyes were a cover of lies and your words were not much better
You ask me how I knew…that you made the rain wetter
whose lover are you now?

There are ones they put in the window...for all to see and take
The guys would give her quarters just to see her shake
But when they would hit her… a hug and kiss could forget the bruise
They found that one dead in the park but what’s the news
whose toy is she now?

If you ever
Want to throw your life away
Remember what I say that you haven’t got yours yet
And the minute that you turn out the lights you’re gonna lose the fight

Light a candle for the lost ones ‘cause they need to get home
I’m sick and tired of seeing all these kids… sad and alone
I know where they come from and I know that I’m too old
Don’t yell at the lost ones for doing what they’re told
whose kids are they now?

sixteen today
sixteen today life is wasting away
I’ve got no dreams in my empty pocket.
Life is no fun when you’re not in the sun
And you can hear your name in the falling water.

I could tie the sky down
With my hands behind my back
I could drink the girls long
While the choke my life away
I could breathe the demon
I’ve got inside of me
I could take the chance that I might throw my life away.

Eighteen today I don’t got that much to say
I’ve got no fears in my empty pocket.
I’m on my way to a much better day
I’ve got no fears no doubt about it.

Throw my life away…

river to china
I’d ask my eyes for amber tears
I could get rid of all my fears
I could show up in the weave of the sky
I’d get high

I’d ask my mouth for pretty words
I’d ask the trees for singing birds
I could wake up in the dream I call day
Just to play

I am the face in the mirror that I don’t know
I am the skin around the meat I have sewn

I’d give my hands for love and touch
I never thought that it would take this much
I’d ask the air for the silence of my death
With nothing left

I’d give the day for the night
Nothing is left without the light
I would be gone without my mind
Left behind…left behind

hemingway hero
Hemingway hero I’m not,
Just a normal guy so what
I sleep late and try not to lie to myself
Just a short life I’ve got
Much more time to rot
Complain about the cold when it’s hot time and time again

You’ll try harder to see
All that you see past me
Why won’t you let it be dust in the wind.
Make no saint from me
I’m a loser can’t you see
Don’t you know I’m just a baby lost at the womb.

You can have your way
But I don’t know what to say
I try not to think about it too much
Cause its so so so hard when you lose touch

My blood is not blue
But it pumps for you
I try to think how to do the best thing for you

You can have it all
But I don’t wish you to fall
I try not to worry about it too much
Cause its so so so hard when I lose touch

not who i am
You say I’m not who I am,
when I’m with my friends
but you’re no better.
And when I’m with you
I see the things that you do
To make it better.

You say I’m not who I am
When I’m with my friends
But look you’re the same
When you play your own game
Who makes the rules?
Are we just fools?

Ask the man for a change
And it gets so strange
That I forget who I am
I need a chance to forget
The tears I have wept
For you all the same

I am not who I am.

So do you like the ones that you are behind today in the worthless hour no matter what you say. Waking up is only food for laughter which lingers on before and after you’re
Free from it all
Leave the things that make you small
Tell you things that you don’t want to know
With television and radio
We all know that the outside is cold but what doesn’t kill us only makes us bold. You can stand still and not gain any ground but in the end you won’t be making any sound until you’re
Free from it all
Leave the things that make you small
Tell you things that you don’t want to know
With television and radio
By making it your way you can brighten up your day. With a turn of your tongue you can bring it all done. Free from it all
Leave the things that make you small
I’ll tell you things that you want to know
Just turn off your radio.

Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline
I could watch the sunrise in your sunny brown eyes
Please save a smile for me
and put it in my hand…Oh Caroline

Oh Caroline
I want a chance to put my eye in a glance
That I could send your way
Oh how you push me to say…Oh Caroline

Every day I walk across the floor that once held us in vain
I remember how I felt do you still feel the same
Hi Caroline
I dig the way
You wake me from my dream
There’s a way you do things
That I couldn’t leave so easily…Oh Caroline

You left me in the morning.