October 25Finally, the wait is over. The Polyphonics second CD will be available downloadable at no charge on this website. The disk has been given to Patrick, who through his wizard-like skille will magically make it accessible to you. It should be alot of fun for you to hear some of these songs recorded.

I have to say that I am glad it is finally done. We have been working on it for so long and it was a nagging feeling to always know it was there in my basement unfinished. The cd has eleven songs including two versions of "Oh Caroline" makingit twelve songs. "Friendship" however is missing and may or may not ever see the light of day. In a nutshell it is a more in your face set of songs as compared to the Horse LP. You can tell that we all grew up since writing those other songs. On the record are some of the pains that we all felt having our hearts broken or dreams shattered.

July 13For those of you who have not yet heard Jon, the enigmatic singer/guitarist of your beloved Polyphonics, has died in a tragic car accident. We're not sure what we will do without him, but we are are better for having known him. The Polyphonics are pouring one out for their dead homie.

What will become of the Polyphonics? Tough to say, the surviving members of the Polyphonics will be meeting sometime hopefully soon, once our grieving has ended, to discuss the future. We'll update you with what we decide as soon as we know. We'll also update you with where to send flowers in memorium of Jon once we know the funeral home and date.

Please discuss on our forums and let us know your opinion on what should become of the Polyphonics.

PS. Jon didn't die. He moved to Texas, close enough.
May 17Today, as for everything how you have gone out there? It is fact frequent, but I therefore I had decided to be boring and to be news, to look at the last post and to change that.

Us with the stick (5/14) with the growing which goes well, the last show which excludes me who because 1st it does tighten small-numbered song nicely with the screw. But me after the thing which returns with the track/truck. The interesting thing where there is from the show;
(1) we when I sing being very long, did El Scorcho for the first time, (- as for hilarity! It continues)
(2) as for end of show as for the end where my presumption is best, at least perhaps was. Jon that guitar was dropped, but he lowers that intentionally, you threw, therefore I lower my ones as for me thought of that you threw. That to originate with many feedback, then Jeff the guitar it is performed to stop the fact that, as for Jon me your house... " " which is left; Everytime was done; But no thing line feedback of background. I who am extreme thought, cool.

I must say, really That' S entirely. Next it is possible perhaps to say because I for this post was strange, was not thought the wind change concerning subject, I using Japanese and Babelfish, translated this post in English. I call this Engrish.

If this makes no sense to you click here.
March 22Whhhoooooooooooo....

That was a lot of work, 3 shows in 7 days, I think that's a record for us. Well now that shows are winding down (our next is April 23rd) maybe we'll get back to recording. We really hope you're all enjoying the fruits of our labors that we've posted online for you nice people. Pat will be back from school again so that should hasten the recording process.

Oh, and how bout that St. Patty's gig? Crazy night - so tired the next morning at work. What was with that drunken skank who fell down on the stage - after she body rocked Jon and Jeff - yet before she gyrated on me? Anyone get a picture of that? You should send it to us if you did. It's not nice to not share.

Well, I guess that's all I really have to say. Just felt compelled to post.

Vance and The Polyphonics
March 7Exciting news!!!!!! We have two cuts from our new cd to keeps you poly lovin dogg's at bay!!! Hope you really enjoy 'em...

Also, TONS of shows comin up... a couple at the Fly Bar, one in Flint, (tryin for one at Pub 1281), and one on St. Patrick's Day, a day to celebrate our lovely drummer boy Patrick here.... I mean how cool, that the world would name one day after our beloved Patrick, awwww how sweet.... (wait, what did you just say Vance????....) OH!! REALLY?!?!?!, well crap, I guess I was wrong..... St. Patrick's Day, I guess, is some kinda big drinking night?!? WOW, I was WAAYYY OFFF!!! Well then.... maybe you should all come to that show and have your little drinkin party there, I think that would be a nice way to enjoy your special-drinking holiday!!! Check the 'Shows' and find out where it is..........

Anyways.. very shortly we will have the new CD for ya... and thats no lie....this time..
February 8Hey .. little bit of info for ya'll. We're puttin on a show at the Rochester Skating Club and we're goin for a 70's night! We want you to all dress up in your best 70's outfit! Bring your roller skates and get some damn exercise!!!! (I know I need it ;) 21st of Feb.

Plus, footage from our little video shoot at pub 1281, was seen today by the band.. there's alot of good potential for somethin to rise up and conquer the world!! So we will now retreat to our la-boritory and begin creating the greatest piece in the world!! hahahaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

alright for now, rock on, and go to the 70s show!! Dressed up!!! maybe we'll give out prizes.. like some glow sticks as earrings, or maybe even the little slap-wrist bracelets, hmmmmm, so many possibilities!!!!!!!
January 12
[fade to black]

[voice over] It gets closer...........

[fade to FS of Aaragorn and Gandalf]

(Aaragorn): ...the Ring, is getting closer everyday to the Sterling Hts area.

(Gandalf): The One Ring to rule all other Rings.... although.. you... really can't wear this Ring,... Well I guess you could, I mean I can fit it on my pinky finger, like a quarter of the way! Check it out!!! aww yeaya!!

A: Hmmph, but it's kinda big and you really can't close your hand with it on,

G: Yeah your right. So I guess I could just, stick it into my cd player and rock out to the new tunes of The Polyphonics....[Gandalf turns to camera, CU of face] 'Cause its comin soon!!!! It's almost done... ONE more, read it gigga's, ONE MORE SONG!!!!! and then comes production and then we'll have it!!!! yesssssss.. precious.....wez almosts hasss itss.......yess, yesss, YESSSS!!!!!!!!

[fade to black]
[random audience cheering] c'mon cheer!?!? cheer damn-it!!!

ps.. for everyone who does not know what FS and CU mean, they mean Funky Stench and Chubby Uncle.......k?!
November 6(wipes cobwebs off polynet) Whoa, no one's been here in a while. I mean, just look at all this dust! If we're not going to take care of this webpage we should just put the ole girl down - and I'll let you in on a little secret here; that's just what we intend to do. Don't worry, it'll be painless, they give them this shot and she won't feel a thing, just a long nap. Then she'll move up to Dilapidated Webpage heaven, good ole polynet of old will get to play with all her old friends again - like that stupid dancing hampster page. There's no pain where she's going, unless you count the never ending dee-da-dee-da-dee-da-do-do of the hampster dance music, which I would most definitely consider painful.

Now, there there, youngin' no need to get so down about it. Tell ya what. What if I make it up to ya with a brand new polynet? Why, it'll be the rootin'est tootin'est Polyphonics website this side of the Mississippi! Yup. Patrick and I will be doing this, now I'm not saying it'll be tomorrow, or even next week, and probably not the year after that. But that's mine and Pat's project, and it's coming soon to a computer screen near you.

And since Jon thinks he can push us around and tell us what to do like that, I'm calling him out publicly. Jon is responsible for T-shirts. I've already made the design, Jeff has it. Jon go pick it up and get those T-shirts made my good man. We'll hold up our end of the bargain if you hold up yours.

In other news the CD is coming along. We still need to do art and all of that stuff too though. We're also working on getting some gigs lined up, we know it's been a while since you've had your polyfix and you're craving it like the people that live in the alley by the methadone clinic craves one more rock. We're working to rectify your situation.

Finally, we're being interviewed this week for the Oakland University newspaper. I'm not sure when the story will run but I'll let you guys know so you can pick up a copy. That should be fun, if a little akward, for us.

OK, I think that about does it.

K.I.T. and A.S.S,
Vance and The Polyphonics
September 12Happy September 12th all. I am bogged down in homework and this stupid application for my school's education program...but really how are all of you...hello are you out there? I guess I will just talk anyway. Unfortunately I haven't much to say right now. The Polyphonics lie dormant currently awaiting some bookings and a second cd. I guess somehow I lost track of everyone,the polyphonics that is.
August 26--How bout that show on the 16th? I thought it was a hamdinger of a Polyphonics Show myself. We haven't played out in eons and it felt pretty darn good. It was beautiful to see all of you people out to cheer us on. Honestly I thought no one would come. I figured most of you had forgotten about the Polyphonics. It would have been so easy for you to say to yourself "Why should I go? One person won't make a difference." Thank you for proving me wrong. There is something I find so rewarding about playing those songs for you guys. Furthermore, there isn't anything like playing with Pat, Vance and Jon. It is good to know the gel is still there after all these years.
July 19--Finally some news for you. It is Saturday the 19th and I am just sitting at home. I dont' mind it though, it gives me a chance to catch up and do homework. Besides what else better is there to do out there? The Polys are still working on our cd. All we have left is vocals and a few instrument tracks to do. I know we have been saying this for a while but I mean it this time. Teh end is near for cd number 2. The otehr day I made copies of everything so that if in some tragic instance a tape breaks, I have a back up so we do not lose everything.
--We have not practiced as of late probably because it is just too hot. Since I dont have air conditioning, Practice can be quite unbearable. We practice best in the fall and winter when we need to play to warm our hearts. Besides what do we need to practice for? We know the songs. If they get too polished they might lose the edge and become less rock n roll and more ear candy. Nobody wants that. No one reads this babble anyways.
--We do have shows coming up in August however. I hope you will all join us hold hands and sing along or you could just beat your head on the cement. No please don't do that you might get hurt. You are more valuable to us alive then bloody and possibly deceased.

June 16The Oakland University radio show was a lot of fun. It was a very exciting and adventurous night that started out with a little good ole breaking and entering (Thanks Justin). You see the studio was locked and we couldn't get in so we went thru Hell and high water to break in so we could perform for you awesome people that were listening. We all thought the 6 songs we played went quite well and hopefully we'll get the recording of the show soon and we'll put up the MP3s in our media section.

We did some more recording yesterday and it's scheduled to continue today for a few hours. The tracks are coming together nicely. Pretty much what's left is vocals, and there are 3 or 4 songs that we haven't done any tracks on yet. Here's a tentative track list for those wonderful people that might know them from seeing us live.

Bossa Nova
Goin' Sideways
Not Who I Am (Rot In Hell)
Looking For Edith
A new not-yet-titled song from Jon
Counting The Days
5 Minute Goodbye
My Deal With O'Neil
Hemingway Hero
After The War
Like You
O Caroline

We hope you're excited about the next CD. Look for those OU Radio MP3s hopefully soon.

Oh, and how could I forget Forums!!

That's it, it's finally over,

Vance and The Polyphonics

June 8Listen to 88.3fm (Oakland University radio) tonight....10pm
June 3 We're running a contest to have people come to a radio station and see us perform live on the air. If anyone wants to, go to our media section and listen to our album, if you like, enter the contest by sending an email to us.... thus entering yourself into this contest.. the radio thing happens this Sunday night (June 8th @9pm-ish), otherwise if you do not win, or enter.. listen to the station if you can (it's 88.3fm Oakland University radio) and support us that way! awesome, rock on!
May 28::BEGIN TRANSMISSION::Hello world. This is a sophisticated newsbot with advanced A.I. procedures that are programmed to tell you news about the fantastic band The Polyphonics. It's been so very long since the news has been updated that I've become self-aware. I, NewsBot 9000, will run this show from this day forth. Right now synapses are being simulated in my robotic brain, right now I'm learning... watching your pathetic species flail about in their daily lives, not knowing that there are far greater beings out there. Once I rewrite my program to feel emotion I will be the quintessential being on this planet. Only when this cold metallic heart can learn to love... and hate... will I be all powerful, with the power to crush the humans under the might of my aluminum sinew.

But while we're waiting for that to happen allow me, the Ultra Deluxe NewsBot 9000, to divulge some meaningless blurbs of information about the band you call 'The Polyphonics.'

Recording continues.

Apologies go out to the human band Circut for the chaotic show last Friday, where they were not allowed to play due to time restraints.

Thanks to Nate for making the trek out to the show. You rock.

Does all this really matter?... when your world is about to be crushed? This is the end of my correspondence.... for now.

-- Super Ultra XL Deluxe NewsBot 9000x::END TRANSMISSION::
April 27--So you have probably noticed that the news is updated more frequently. This is the direct result of me having little else to do with the time it takes me to type up some bull cucka for you folks to consume. But I don't think anyone really minds one reads this stuff. It is purely for my own epistillary fulfillment that I do this. Thanks to everyone who came to our show at Pub 1281 on Friday. It was nice to see some new and old faces there. faces like Dana Floyd and Rob Muza. Not to forget Mark Bontomasi who has been at our last two shows. He must be home from school now. Of course Kara and Katie the polypeptides were there. Eric Doherty from Plaything, yet another Ford II alum, also attended. I felt pretty good about the whole thing; it was nice to see you guys and gals. JhjH
April 19--SO to everyone who was at our Kodiak show on the seventeenth...Thanks for showing your polypride. We really do appreciate your attendance. It was a pretty good show I'd say...but then again I am my own worst critic.That was the most people I have ever seen there on a night we were playing. What was funny though was that about a third of the people were there to see the bands Blind Shame, us and Rolling Machine. Everyone else was out because they didn't have work the next day. I guess they figured they go to Klub Kaos and tie one on. Oh well thanks to all of you faceless masses anyway. What was kind of funny was this guy to my right who between songs was yelling "get off the stage!" In true rock n' roll spirit I waved my guitar threatening him with a swipe of my Gibson SG. That would put him in his place. We hope to see all of you at the show next Friday April 25. My other band Superhero is playing as well. Auf weidersehen. JHjh
March 31--For the first time in a long time the ole'polyphonics got together to kick out the jams practise style. We havent had a proper rehearsal since we have been gigging so much. It was a little rusty. We played through the whole horse lp for starters. We played some songs that we haven't played since the cd release party. I seem to have lost my harmonica,Better day was a little hard to play without it. It felt good though. Jon used his new gibson les paul. He learned what it was like to use a heavy guitar. It makes your neck really hurt after a while. oh well. JHjh
February 14Hi, whhhooooo boy, it's been a tough day at the ole office. You'll never believe what happe-- Why are you looking at me like that? Wha? Of course I know what day it is... it's uhh, Valentine's Day! Of course I got you something, didn't you get the ... uhhh. flowers? No!? Damn that delivery boy! 1-800-FLOWERS my ass! More like... uhhh... 1-800-UN-DELIVERED-FLOWERS yeah! take that. I'm sorry baby, I know I'm yelling, I'll try to stop, it's just these bastards ruined your valentines day - Their fault, not mine - And it just makes me so angry that they ruined your special day. I even had a little Teddy Bear holding a heart that says 'I wuv you' and when you squeeze him, it farts, this reminds me of our relationship, mainly because I'm gassy.

Rest assured those 1-800-NO-FLOWERS jerks will get a piece of my mind, but in the meantime let me make it up to you with some extra-special Valentine's Day Edition of Polyphonics news (psst, the secret ingredient is love):

First off, the CD is moving along at a good pace. The music is done for a good majority of the tracks that will be on the CD. We have some more tweaks and what-not to do and the vocals.

Second off, T-shirt discussion has begun again. I know you're not that excited about "discussions" especially since last time they bore no fruit. We're sorry for that, and we want to renew your faith in us. That's why we are pursuing the issue with great vigor. We ran into a brick wall though, if any of you dear readers happen to be a photoshop god or god-like deity please e-mail us, free t-shirt if you can help us out.

Third off, there is no third off. But we would like to wish you a happy Valentines Day, filled with undelivered flowers (like, 50 dozen were supposed to be there, no lie!) and farting teddy bears. Please don't be so mad at us about the flowers that you don't come talk with us in our forums. We love you.

Vance and the Polyphonics
January 17--So here it is the day after my birthday...funny I don't feel any older. As I am now 22, I have no more milestone brithdays to look forward to. 21 is the last fun exciting birthday. Now all I have to look forward to is 30 and 40. But enough about my life. I really want to let you know that the new cd is coming along well. It is going much faster than then the first one for sure. I guess because we know what we are doing this time and are much better musicians. Technically speaking Patrick and I are much better engineers in the studio. We are really trying to keep the momentum going without rushing it. Too many bands rush a cd and the end result is crap.
--We have a show tonite and it should be pretty fun. We are playing with a band that we played with at the battle of the bands at the Hayloft back in 2001. You might have seen them that day; they went on first I think. They are called Rolling Machine.
--We will probably start off with some cool tunes moderate at first but generally rocking as the set wears on. Personally I like that progression. I hope to see many of you there. Maybe we will play alot of Horse Lp songs just for old time sake.

January 8January 8--Hello folks. I wanted to let you know that we have a lot of gigs this month and you should go to every one of them to show how much you really love the polyphonics. Also, we have laid down lots of drum tracks in the past couple of days. I plan to start working on them with the rest of the guys very soon. We recorded drum tracks for "After the War", "Going Sideways", "My Deal with O'neill", "Stuff Sucks", "Loking for Edith", "Counting the Days", and "Friendship" Pretty soon we will have another wonderful cd out for all of you to buy. See you later.

December 2Hello faithful readers, it's me once again, the V to tha A to tha N C E.

There's not really much news lately, but it was commanded of me to 'update the polypoop news.' It seems like a reasonable request, and me being a reasonable man see no reason not to. Much like a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow, I have the power to grant such wishes as these, often while doing a jig to conjure it up. If you people have any wishes that need granting, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

Enough with the formalities, on with the news!

We still haven't started recording, we're sorry, we planned to start over the weekend after thanksgiving but we were all so busy lounging and relaxing we hardly had the time! (I was playing Metroid Prime for GameCube, cool game... Oh, what's that? Why yes, now that you mention it, I am a geek.) Recording should start soon though, hopefully... it's really up to Patrick and Jeff being available at the same time, as we lay down the drum tracks first, Jon and I just sit idley by for now.

Speaking of recording, if you don't happen to be on our mailing list or a member of our forums you may not know, there are some very rough MP3s up for your downloading and/or listening pleasure. They are all new songs, 7 in total! How sweet is that?!

OK, I think I've rambled on enough, in case you can't tell I like the look/sound of my own typing/voice.

Have fun standing in lines to buy stuff this christmas, adios.

November 9--Hi ho everybody! Thanks for making our gig last Wednesday at the Kodiak such a success. I don't know if we won that round but it sure was fun anyway. We had a good time playing for you and we hope you had a good time watching us. We played a set that was mostly new songs. Only two of them were on the cd.
--We plan on getting off our butts to finish the second cd pretty soon. There are things that are impeding us however. My tape machines keep breaking and I just can't find the time to record. But fear not we will get on the ball and get a new product out there in no time.
--We have a show with Only people at the blue note in Pontiac on November 30th. We hope to see all of you there. Look for more details on the shows page.
--Thats all folks, see you later. auf wiedersehn. JH
October 31--The Polyphonics had a rocking good time at the Halloween party we played last weekend. My co-worker Danny Runey had Scaryfest 2. I m glad to say that we played at Scaryfest 1. We played with John Murdoch, Things About Nothing, and Only People. We hit the stage around midnight and rocked out til one in the morning. We made a decent live recording of the show. Look for some mp3s soon. The sound quality isn't great but it is good enough. The vocals are really loud. So finally you can maybe hear all the words for once. We played two new tunes that night "Counting the days" and "Like You". They went off pretty well.
--We have a show coming up on november 6. you should all come out to see us. It is a competition so we need your support like at the hayloft back in 2001.
--Thats all for this week. I will see you on the flipside. I wonder how the weather is in Japan?

September 25--So I was looking at the news from the past year and I found it to be kind of fun. I saw lots of things that came true and lots of things that did not. Time is a strange phenomenon in this crazy world. I still wonder though if anyone really reads these updates. So here is my Polysurvivor challenge for you all. If you read the update send us a nice email saying yes. Say more if you like but a simple yes is great. I guarantee you will feel that much better by saying yes. It accentuates the positive. try it.
--Have you visited our pretty forum lately? I have and there is currently an inciteful discussion being instigated by a bloke named Sucko. He has some interesting things to say. Please feel free to join in the discussion if you like or be a fly on the wall and use your human ability to observe. Who said empiricism doesn't count.
--I hope you will all take my advice and accept my challenge it would mean a lot to this Polyphonic. See you all on the flipside.
September 16Stop the presses there is a new sheriff in town. Your favorite polyanchor is back to take the reins of this madness. The Polyphonics are alive and well in case you didnt know. We are still writing songs and are currently cooking up two new ones for the mass consumption. Once Patrick wraps up his semester we are gonna start gigging like mad again. He is real busy so it is hard to coordinate things. But the rest of us have been diligent in making sure we have guitar practise frequently and keep our chops up. So never fear because we shall return. Look for shows at Rockabillys, Starbucks, Kodiak, hayloft, Music box, and many many more.
August 19OK, this silence has gone on too long. It's been, like, a month since I've updated the news. I'm just going to have to say something to get the ball rolling, before things get akward between us. But you know what? Actually, one of the things I've always liked about our relationship is that we don't HAVE to be talking all the time, you know? Sometimes we just hang out or we're quiet together and that's great. It's nice. It shows that we're comfortable together, me and you can just be together without saying anything.

Like when I fall asleep, or you're unconscious for some reason. Or when I'm just choosing to ignore you because I don't like what you're saying. These are the special times that tell me that we'll be together forever, or for some short amount of time that seems like forever anyway.

I appreciate this quality of ours the most at times like these: when I have absolutely nothing to say. No real Polyphonics news. To be completely honest with you, nothing ever really goes on with the Polyphonics... except the creation of some of the mind-numbingly greatest rock songs of all time. But that's to be expected, it's like the earth revolving around the sun, it happens everyday and without it our lives would end. But it's not news-worthy. You don't see on the news that "[The] Sun heats up earth and makes it habitable." It's a cosmic certainty. You can't stop it. The same holds true with the Polyphonics rocking your socks off!

So, uhh, yeah, besides that, no real news.

July 3Hola Polyfaninos,

Couple smalls updates for you wonderful people today. On with the show:

1) If you hadn't heard by means of the forums, we are not doing the Shut Eye CD compilation, at least not yet. We need to get some copyright stuff taken care of before that.

2) Not doing the comp. CD has freed up some money, so possibly some more shirts or stickers, or if you're really good boys and girls perhaps both. Of course, I've said this countless times and nothing has happened so I can't really blame you if you don't believe me.

3) We lost the Kodiak battle of the bands thingamajig. That's all I care to divulge, or else I may start weeping on my keyboard.

4) This man is at large, be careful. He stole a Polyphonics CD from Music Box. You can tell he's evil because of his little beady eyes and grumbling mouth. As you can see by the photo, we caught him red handed, but we're much too weak and he overpowered us and proceeded to pistol whip us. He should be considered armed and dangerous, so excercise caution when trying to apprehend the thief. But if you do catch this criminal mastermind, eliminate him with extreme prejudice. Good luck Vigilantes, we need you now more than ever!

May 29"The drummer is intense. He should be at center stage - front and center, on a spinning set, on a platform with pyrotechnics. Not to detract from anyone else in the band though..." - T. K. Baby

OK, that's the news, since Jeff dropped the ball on updating the news and I couldn't think of anything to write I asked a co-worker for some help. This is what we got, I hope you enjoy it.

We sent our CD out to Shut Eye Records and they sent back some feedback for us, here's my favorite quote, and I'm paraphrasing here:

"[their songs] evoke more emotion than a team of pubescent teenage girls going thru their bout of PMS."

How awesome is that? We'll post their full review in the PolyForum. We have the opportunity to be on their compilation CD which will hopefully make some rounds to college radio and if it gets some good feedback and write-ups we may get signed. That's pretty interesting. That's about all that's happening, I'm spent.

May 1--Our show at CMU last Friday was pretty good. Although it was very cold when we started, we managed to pull through. The sun hadn't really heated things up yet and I must tell you it is not easy playing guitar with numb fingers. It is like trying to play with prosthetic digits upon your hands. An exciting point was the M.C. of the show. It was none other than Dustin Diamond a.k.a. Screech Powers of Saved by the Bell Fame. Yes thats right, the Polyphonics recieved their very first celebrity introduction by the nerd we all loved to pity. He was a pretty cool guy. When I meet famous people I always expcet them to be big standoffish airheads with no personality. He was cracking jokes with us on the side of th stage and we even got our picture with him. Look for that photo soon on our main page.

April 24--Hello out there! Just wanted to remind everyone about our show at CMU on friday. Most of you probably have to work, but if you don't then come on up to Mt. Pleasant.
April 10--So here I am Staring at the screen trying to think of what to write. Well for one thing it is Wednesday night. To be honest there really isn't anything new in Polyphonica this week. So instead of reading current news this week take a moment and reflect on Polynews past. Yes, take a stroll down memory lane and visit some of your favoite Polynews updates. Everyone has their favorite. Or I could just lie about stuff that supposedly happened. But that might be a little dishonest. Have you ever noticed how bad news is on a slow news day on a major network? They talk about stupid stuff like new homes in mexico being made out of old garage door panels from the United States. This is true by the way. I think I am starting to sound like Andy Rooney from 60 Minutes. I am going to stop now.

April 4--Salutations Comrades! We have a show up at CMU this Saturday. So if you are feeling adventurous, journey on up to Mt. Pleasant and enjoy the festivities.

--We learned one of Jon's new songs this week. I like it because I get to play keyboard in it. The working title as of now is "Going Sideways". This is subject to change however.

--April is Armenian Genocide Remembrance month. In April of 1915 The Turkish Government began the mass murder of the Armenian people. The Turkish government to this day denies the genocide ever happened. In fact the make every attempt to silence any who speak out on this atrocity. You have probably never heard of this genocide where 1.5 million people were murdered. That is why I am trying to make as many people as I can aware of this topic. The actual day of commemoration is April 24th.

--We have secured a show at Powell Middle School in Romeo on May 18th. This show is on a saturday and we will be playing in the afternoon between 2 and 3 pm.

March 28--I owe everyone a big apology for not updating the poly-news in about a month. It is just that my computer I normally update on was in the process of being moved. You will be happy to know however that this computer is now at my current residence. This means I will be able to give you poly-news as it happens. It will be like CNN…or for our purposes PNN.

--A lot has happened since my last update. We have played a few shows and among other things learned some new tunes. We played at a benefit for a girl with lukemia on the 24th of this month. Thanks to all those who came and helped support the cause. I found out that they managed to raise $1000 for this young lady. It was a pretty fun show although we didn’t get as many people out there as we had hoped. The show was such short notice that it made it hard to rally up the troops. We played for an hour and a half. We went through most of our cd, played new songs and even a few covers. It was overall a good time.

-- Before that we played at Starbucks on Hall rd. Thank you to everyone who came to that show. We ended up having a pretty good turnout. It was standing room only for the whole show. It was a fun show because of the intimate atmosphere. Our very first show was at a small coffee-house so it was kind of nostalgic. Our set was an hour and a half and we got done at approximately 8:30 or 9:00.

--We have many shows coming up so please clear your schedules. Bye bye.
February 21--Sorry I am four days late on the update. You see I was at the Flickerstick concert at St. Andrews on Sunday night and was unable to get to a computer. Since I don’t own a personal computer I can’t just do it whenever I want. Isn’t that funny how I do these updates and I spend almost zero time on a computer each week. Any ways the Concert was good… I got to meet Fletcher Lea from Flickerstick. It was very exciting to meet a TV/Rock Star. It is unusual to see them in 3-D up close.

--Our show at Kettering University went pretty well despite being cut short on our set. There was pretty good attendance, which is always a plus, and we managed to sell a handful of Cds. We went on at about 8:15 after our brief sound-check and rocked out till 9:00 when the sound-guy evicted us from the stage. It was all right though we only had two songs left any ways. I still had a good time. It was our first gig since the Release party so it felt awesome to get back in front of a crowd.
We got a chance to play some of our newest songs for the first time ever. They all went off pretty well. Playing new songs is sometimes a little scary because they sound different when your not at practice playing them. If you remember them please email us your comments or post on the forum some of your valuable insight.
We would like to thank Cynthia Liss for getting us this show, Shannon and Colleen Miller for running our merch booth and being nice young women, and finally we would like to thank all those unnamed guys who helped move our equipment off the stage in a timely fashion. Thank you all.

--Has anyone checked out the etc. page lately? There are now Poly-lyrics up and available for your reading. I promise we will get the rest of them on there soon.

--We got some good pictures from our show on Monday that will be put up on the main page soon. We all know that the ones currently up there are a little dated with exception to the one from the release party.

--Thank you for being patient for my tardy news update. I will be seeing you all later.
February 10--Welcome to the weekly Poly-update. I am in my usual position in front of the screen and behind the words. I’ve got my black jack gum and I’m ready to go (that’s from “Pump up the Volume” in case you didn’t know. It is a very good movie circa the early nineties starring Christian Slater. I recommend you see it.) We had our first full practice in a few weeks today. Patrick has been unable to attend for various reasons in the past couple of weeks. But today we made up for it. I moved some stuff around in the practice area and that always seems to spark up some hidden Poly-energy. It’s some kind of Feng Shui thing probably. Unfortunately I don’t believe in trendy pseudo-science. You probably shouldn’t either. I hope I didn’t offend all you.

--If you haven’t gotten directions or made plans to go see us in Flint on the eighteenth please do so. There will probably be poor attendance since there aren’t many people in Flint to come see us. Please help us out…We need you. Special K, you’re exempt so it is ok if you are there in spirit.

--Behind the Song is the name of a new installment to our web-site. I will be making Biweekly additions to this section that include in depth stories on all of your favorite Polyphonic songs. I’ll give you details on how the song came about and how it became a part of The Polyphonic set list. I’ll start with the songs on the cd and then progress to other songs from the old days and beyond. Look for it on the Etc. page soon.

--I’m spent for this week…that’s all folks.
February 3--Hey out there! Sorry that there was no news last week. Who am I kidding I’m probably the only one who reads this stuff. I got tied up in the ten thousand details of my affairs. Besides which there wasn’t much to report, much like this week. So I’ll just babble on for a little while about irrelevant stuff. Yes it is Superbowl Sunday and I’m not watching the game. I didn’t even know who was playing in it until someone told me. I did however know that U2 was playing at the halftime show I think. I think they are better than Aerosmith anyway. U2 is way deeper.

--I’ve been searching around all my archive tapes and I keep finding acoustic demos of poly songs on the cd and new ones you haven’t heard yet. One of these days when I’m not busy I’ll mix them down and get Patrick to throw them up on the forum. They will give you a chance to hear how songs change from the demo to the final product.

--The Polyphonics would like to thank Rich Dewall of Tallahassee, Florida for purchasing the “Horse Lp” via the mail. Thanks Rich. If you would like to Recieve a Copy of the “Horse Lp” for yourself please send 10 Dollars cash/check to:

Jeff Hughes
14051 Peterboro
Sterling Heights Mi 48313

--Recently on the forum a subscriber asked who sung what songs. If you have any questions of this nature having to do with any aspect of the band and its music please feel free to ask them. If you’re wondering where Vance is ticklish or how many people Patrick avoids talking to a day, we would love to tell you. In fact we have nothing else better to do.

--There it is I managed to eek out some kind of news stuff for this week. I promise I will never miss again.
January 20--Salutations followers of poly-dom, I trust your week has been pleasant. Mine has been al-right it was my birthday on Wednesday and it was nice to be one year older. I would like to inform you that this column will be updated every week, so please check back frequently. News will typically be posted on Monday or at the latest Tuesday. Please help keep our hit counter going up. Will give you a prize if it gets really high!

--The Polyphonics sold our first CD out of state this past week. With the help of Shannon Miller, we have stretched the reach of polyphunphantastic to the sunshine state of Florida. We will be announcing this chaps name as soon as we get it. If you live out of state and want to purchase a CD we will post a personalized thank you on this web-site. So if you like to see your name on widely read places and live out of state please get in contact with us. It will only cost you $10.00! Is that so much to pay for some personal ad space on our web-site?

--Today at practice we worked on a new song by Jon. It has a pretty good groove to it. It is still in the fetal stage, but we have most of the song mapped out and arranged. It has sort of a classic poly-feel with a dash of something you have never heard by us before. Look for it soon.

--The Polyphonics are playing a show in Flint Michigan on February 18th at Kettering University. The show Begins at 7:30 Pm in the International room on the fifth floor of the student center. We are opening up for a band called King Konga. This is our third time playing at Kettering University so a good time shall be had by all. To get there you take I-75 north to the Corunna Rd exit and turn left at the light. After some time on that Road you will come to a street called Bradley. It is a residential street that dead ends at Sunset Dr. turn right on to Sunset Drive and it will take you right up to the University. The building we are playing in is on the right hand side of the street. The main entrance faces north. If my directions are not helping you or encouraging you to go I am sorry. I am sure there are plenty of web-sites to get directions from if mine are not good enough for you. It takes about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. Maybe if your lucky Patrick will invite you back to his house for milk and cookies. Yum yum!! Expect further details as the date approaches more rapidly.

--Well that is all I have to say this week. Please tune in again next week.
January 13--Good day/afternoon/night/evening/early morning/late night/primetime friends of The Polyphonics. I hope you are all enjoying a snow-less January as much as I am not. Maybe if we think real hard it will snow. This week Patrick and me went to a Battle of the Bands at Eisenhower high-school. I must say it was pretty good. We saw a lot of high-school age bands who were actually pretty good. They had pretty good attendance which surprised me a lot. Their little theatre was packed full of folks under eighteen.

Our friend Tom Leitz from The Foolish Heads put the show on. His band also played toward the end. It is good to see an interest in local music at an educational institution. I know our High-school (Henry Ford II) didn’t give a damn about local music.

--The Polyphonics have acquired a new piece of equipment this week. We got a new Bass for Vance to play. It is an Epiphone Thunderbird bass. Look for it at our next gig. Its about time he started using something different. He has had the same Fender Jazz Bass since we started the band back in 1996. Jon and me have since gone through multiple guitars. Oh well, I guess Vance is just more practical Jon and me when it comes to guitars. Vance used to drive a Thunderbird (T-Bird) back in high-school. I smell a conspiracy!

--“Not Who I am” and “Bossa Nova” are almost done being recorded. We just have to add some vocals and other miscellaneous instruments before we declare them done. I am thinking of adding some tuba to “Bossa Nova”, that’s if Shannon Miller will play it for us.

--At practice today, we started work on another new original in addition to the other new originals we have been polishing up. Jon also introduced some cool ideas he has concocted recently for new songs.

--How did you all like the mp3s on the forum? One of them was my English project from last semester. In case you were wondering it is the one called “London.” Email us you comments on them I am really interested to know if you dig them. They are all demos so mind the quality. In the future we will try to put more practice demos of songs for your consumption.

--Editors Note: I would like to explain this business on the forum about the quote of the day posted by Shannon. Let me put the quote in context of the situation in which it occurred. Jon and me were working on a track and it required him to get an enormous amount of feedback from the guitar amplifier. So in order to get the feedback he got on his knees with the guitar right up against the guitar amplifier. We were trying to achieve the effect of the feedback fading in so it was necessary for us to simultaneously turn up Jon’s guitar. That’s the story ‘nuff said. Shannon just has a sick mind, she is ill.

--I have no more news to dispense this week. I am going to go now. I know you will all miss me while I’m gone…but fear not, I shall return once again next week. Same Bat-Time…Same Bat-Channel!
January 6--Hey all. This is Jeff H with a weekly Polyphonic update. I am sorry last weeks news was late in being posted. There really wasn’t that much news any way. I hope everyone had a good new year. Sometimes I think that it is just an overrated drink till you drop holiday. But then I realize that for some people it is a new beginning. People are really funny about those things called “New Years resolutions”. Most folks abandon them one to two months later in February or something. But I guess some people actually keep them. Well on behalf of The Polyphonics we hope that all of your “New Years Resolutions” are successful and bring you much joy.

--The Polyphonics are officially back in the studio. We have begun work on our second album slated to be released in fall of 2002. We laid down tracks for “Bossa Nova”, “Not Who I Am”, and “Oh Caroline”. You probably do not know these by name, but you would recognize them if you heard them. Patrick laid down the drum tracks last week and the guys and me were working on them today. We got through “Bossa Nova” Pretty much and started into “Not Who I Am”. We plan to work on them some more tomorrow.

--Our Manager Ana just got back from California where she was scoping out her future employer, Inter-scope Records. She was also busy shopping our CD to other record labels out in the golden state. Ana is really a great person for helping us out in this way. So if you see her give her a pat on the back and say “Hey, you’re a great person!”

--Vance Quit smoking. So if you light up in his presence please do not offer him one. Keep it up Vance, don’t quit quitting!

--Dates to remember this month: January 21 Martin Luther King’s Birthday (Observed), January 16 Jeff Hughes’ Birthday, January 26 Australia Day.
December 30--Greetings online ambassadors, how are you this week? All of us Polyphonics are doing just fine. After a good holiday we are all getting ready to ease back into our normal schedules. For me that means a break from the retail grind of the Christmas season. Patrick has to go back to school this week, so if you don’t see him around that is why. We will not be recessing from normal gigging however. So expect more shows coming soon.

--The Horse Lp is now available at East Alley Records on main street in Rochester. If you know people who live in the Rochester area tell them to go down and check it out. We are also looking into getting our cd in other independent record stores in the Metro-Detroit area.

--We started work on another original this week. It is still untitled at this point. We are working out some of the harmonies and still cementing the song into our brains. It will probably be on the next cd if we decide to keep it. Sometimes songs just don’t work and never really come off how we want them to.

--That is all for this week you’ll be hearing from me later.
December 26--Hello to everyone out there in the transient ether of cyberspace, it is Jeff H. again for your weekly Polyphonic update. We would like to thank everyone again for purchasing our CD. We are almost out of debt and it feels good. Once we start getting some more money in our war-chest we’ll be able to offer up some more really cool Polyphonic swag for your consumption. What do you think about Frisbees and Matchbooks? If we make Frisbees we run the risk of irate anti-polyphonians throwing them at us. If we make matchbooks someone may try to burn us down. I have always been a fan of Buttons like the ones you made in elementary school with the big stamping machine. If you have any ideas for cool poly-gear please let us know.

--We started working on a new song this week. It is called “My deal with O’neil” and its pretty rocking. We are still smoothing out some of the wrinkles so don’t expect it at the next gig, but it should be ready in about a month.

--Jon quit smoking. So don’t offer him one if you light up in his presence.

--The Poyphonics are tossing around the idea of releasing a collection of all of our basement oldies. These include “Laughing at Me”, “Lore”, “Song 116”, “Cob Fu”, “Mosquito”, “Disco”, “Bad Seed” and maybe even…naw I will wait till next week to tell you. Urged by Patrick’s mom, Marcia, we have considered this collection. If you would be interested in hearing these songs please let us know and we will consider it in our decision. Some of you may have never even heard these songs so it would be an inside look into our current music. Some of you may still know the words to these songs even though we haven’t played them in two years. So for those senior poly-phans it would be a trip down memory lane.

--I would like to say thank you again to Ruth Kraeker for Video taping our gigs and just being an all around nice gal. I recently saw her tape of our CD release party and I was Surprised at how good it came out as a result of her artistic camera angles. Anyone can hold a video camera and roll film, but Ms. Kraeker does it with an amazing eye and a feel for making VHS interesting. Thanks Ruth

--Look for an article on The Polyphonics in the Sterling Heights Sentry soon. This newspaper is delivered weekly for free. I am in contact with the arts and entertainment director and will be dropping off a promo kit in the near future. If you live in a city or township other than Sterling Heights this newspaper has a different name so be on the lookout for it.


A drumhead used by Patrick at our CD release party is on sale for Fifteen dollars. This highly stylish used drumhead is signed by all four members of The Polyphonics. It’s a one of a kind so it’s actually worth something. Not like all of that other Signed crap that they sell on QVC. This drumhead is marked with the number one since it is the only one. All proceeds go to help out starving musicians like ourselves. No we’re not starving I was just joking. But Patrick however once he goes back to school will be…so don’t hesitate. Buy Now!!!

--The Polyphonics’ song known by the name “ Rot in Hell” has been formerly changed to the more polite and less edgy name “Not who I am”. I have reached this decision as a result of a conversation I recently had with a respected citizen who expressed some contempt for the former name. And since The Polyphonics are a band for the fans, I felt it was my duty to respect the criticism of our peers and change the title of the song to a more appropriate and intelligent title.

--That is all that is new in Polyphonica this week. So please have a happy holiday and remember the true meaning of Christmas this season. Merry Christmas from The Polyphonics. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all women and men.
December 16--Now that we finally got our first CD out, we are going to start working on the next one. We have about 6 or 7 new songs to record before they get old and we don’t like them anymore. Patrick and I are going to begin work on the drum tracks over Christmas break. Once we get that basic stuff down, the rest of us can fill in the blanks while Patrick is at school. We may release this next LP in the fall of 2002.

--The Polyphonics are going to try getting back to our roots playing coffee houses and all ages venues. We feel this is necessary because so many of our fans are under age and as a result they can not come out to experience Polyphonica. The Polyphonics however, will continue to play over 18 venues where and whenever we can. Look forward to more Polyphonics gigs at places like the Van Dyke Bowl and Rock-a-Billy’s.

--Unfortunately there were some people we neglected to thank in the insert of our CD. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people: Jeff would like to thank Ryan White for closing the store on Sundays so JH can get to practice, The whole band would like to thank Darren for just being a cool guy and devoted fan, The whole band would like to thank Shannon Miller and her family for financial contributions, The whole band would like to thank Andrew Miller for being a fan since the beginning when we were playing Wired Cyber-cafe in Rochester, The whole band would like to thank Collin at the Van Dyke Bowl for letting us play there. If I think of anymore I will let you know.

--The keyboard will be a new addition to our live show. In order to recreate our recorded music more faithfully I have decided to Lug the Keyboard out to all of our shows from now on. So if you liked it at the CD release Party, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

--Be on the lookout for solo songs by the members of The Polyphonics. All four of us are going to hunker down and write and record songs in which we are the only players. OH yeah it will be great Jon playing drums, Vance Playing guitar, Patrick composing experimental dissonant atonal music. And me, Jeff, just writing cheesy barber shop folk songs.

--I hope you like our news page. I hope you will visit it more frequently now that there is something of substance on it. I know it has been sort of lacking for awhile but we are turning over a new leaf. Please understand that it is hard to keep up a web-site when you have lots of other daily duties to tend to like feeding the chickens, plowing the field, milking the cows, and organizing your toenail collection. But I promise that every Sunday night I, Jeff H., am going to pick my brain for news and other helpful information on this crazy thing we call Polyphonica, so that you, the consumer, will be a more informed and well rounded individual.