The Polyphonics
The Polyphonics are an alternative rock band from the metro-Detroit area. They have been playing at many local venues including coffeehouses, bars, music halls, retail locations, college campuses, street fairs, and private parties in and around Detroit for over six years. They combine the raw energy of punk with strong songwriting and catchy melodies to ultimately achieve a unique kind of sound.

The Polypohnics play a genre of music directed at people age 15 to 25. Their set mainly consists of original material with the occasional cover song. They are capable of playing sets anywhere from a few songs to two hours.

The band was originally formed in 1995 under the name The Community.  That name lasted until 1998 when we decided to change the name to The Delegates.  That name lasted for about 2 years and then we finally became THE POLYPHONICS. 

Band Members
Jeffrey Hughes (age22): Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keyboards
Jon Siersma (age23): Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Vance Van Gogh (age22): Backup Vocals, Bass Guitar
Patrick Herbst (age23): Backup Vocals, Drums

Watch the Taco: 4 song sampler
The Polyphonics (The horse Lp): First Full length release
-Second full-length release slated for fall 2003

The Velvet Underground
The Beatles
The Pixies